What Coloured Number Plates Mean

You may have noticed that taxis display blue number plates on the back of their vehicles. It is not only marked and branded taxis that display them, but also VTC vehicles (Vehículos de Turismo con Conductor), which are effectively private hire or chauffer driven cars, a taxi by another name but more restrictive as to

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The Environmental Badge

Although it is not mandatory, the need for displaying the environmental badge on your vehicle is becoming increasingly important, especially in larger cities. Since the new year, Barcelona, for example, has tightened the restrictions on where more polluting vehicles are permitted, following on from places like Madrid where the impact on vehicle pollutants has been

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Brake check

The brakes are one of the most important safety features on any vehicle. They slow us down, stop the vehicle and keep it from moving involuntarily. But they also wear in time. It is a good idea to check your brakes periodically, at low speed on a road which is wide and with no traffic

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