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Best Before


We are used to seeing “sell by” and “best before by” dates on our groceries, but did you know that there are parts of the car that also have an expiration, or best before date? The difference with car parts is that they wear over time and usage, and so there isn´t always a specific

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What Coloured Number Plates Mean


You may have noticed that taxis display blue number plates on the back of their vehicles. It is not only marked and branded taxis that display them, but also VTC vehicles (Vehículos de Turismo con Conductor), which are effectively private hire or chauffer driven cars, a taxi by another name but more restrictive as to

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Buying a New Car – Your Rights:


When you purchase a new car from a dealer, you have a certain level of peace of mind accompanying your purchase. New cars are covered by a legal guarantee of 2 years without a mileage limit, whereas the manufacturer has to take care of the faults and breakdowns that have arisen with the car, so

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