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The Risks of Older Vehicles


As technology advances, so do the safety features of our vehicles. The near future may well see autonomous vehicles on the roads, but they will still have to mix with cars of today, and yesterday, for some time yet. Sadly, the risk of death or serious injury is multiplied by two when comparing incidents that

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Keeping Children Safe


It is almost unbelievable that whenever there is a focused campaign on the wearing of seat belts and child restraint systems, there are always hundreds of children found either not secured in the vehicles or secured in a dangerously inadequate way.   According to data from across Europe, two out of every three children in

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The Environmental Badge


Although it is not mandatory, the need for displaying the environmental badge on your vehicle is becoming increasingly important, especially in larger cities. Since the new year, Barcelona, for example, has tightened the restrictions on where more polluting vehicles are permitted, following on from places like Madrid where the impact on vehicle pollutants has been

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