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Trailers – The Basics


Today we would like to tell you a little bit about trailers, their use and their differences. Trailers fall into two distinctive categories when it comes to classifying them for normal use on the roads of Spain, those below 750kg and those above 750kg maximum weight. A small trailer, or “Remolque Ligero”, which has a

Trailers – The Basics2019-12-11T11:43:20+00:00

Proper Seat Belt Use is Vital


Seat belts save lives, it is a simple message, but they are only effective if we use them correctly, they are useless as not wearing one at all. The wearing of seat belts can reduce the risk of injury during a car crash. When used properly, they provide drivers and passengers with increased protection. However,

Proper Seat Belt Use is Vital2019-12-03T09:07:07+00:00
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