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October is Tyre Safety Month


As the winter is fast approaching, October has traditionally become the month when motorists are encouraged to prepare for the seasonal change, and pay particular attention to one of the most crucial elements of a car, one which is so easy to check, and yet one which is so often neglected, as we join in

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Is your vehicle ready for the road at all times?


The Institute of Advanced Motorists, IAM, has devised a clever little memory list to help you check your vehicle on a regular basis, and especially before a long journey. All you need to remember is POWDERY. We will explain what it means.   P - Petrol For both drivers and riders, always make sure you

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School Run


It´s just about time to go back to school, which means that there will be an increase in cars on the roads at certain times of day, the infamous “school run”, and more vulnerable road users out and about. If you are taking children in the car, there are a few things you must remember,

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